Attendees of Mat Marrash's workshops recount first hand their positive experiences.

"In addition to Mat’s photography, he has a wealth of knowledge in regards to traditional darkroom work and photographic chemistry and he offers to share that knowledge through classes and one-on-one workshops.  Since I wanted to learn the basics of film development, but spend more time on the printing process, I decided to contact him regarding a one-on-one workshop.  He enthusiastically created a two day workshop agenda spread over the course of two weekends.  So, on September 29, I made a trip up to Findlay, Ohio and spent four hours in the darkroom learning from one of the youngest and talented working photographers today."

-Jason B., Darkroom Intro Student


 "I can't even begin to explain how much I learned in my one-on-one workshop with Mat.  With his incredible knowledge of and passion for photography, Mat was able to explain concepts from film emulsions to C-41 chemistry and processing, to lab safety, to negative evaluation and storage.  Mat was able to answer all my questions in ways that were easy for me to understand and that made photography really come to life.  Mat increased my knowledge and my skills as a photographer and has inspired me to do more with my photography."

-Todd W., One-on-One Student


"I have completed Darkroom 101 and Darkroom 102 with Mat Marrash. Mat has the rare gift of teaching. He possesses the ability to make complex, layered information digestible and easily understood. He exercises patience when a concept seems difficult and needs repeated. Mat has a deep and solid understanding of various film processes and is genuinely excited and passionate about teaching those interested in film photography.

Because of my classes with Mat I can now confidently meter a scene and make a great exposure using a fully manual camera. I understand the importance of shadows and highlights and when to expose for one or the other. I understand the effects of different filters and when to use them. I can develop my own film right here at home using different development techniques including push and pull processing and why to do so. I learned how to use an enlarger to make contact sheets and make my own prints on both RC and fiber paper. We used dodging and burning techniques to manipulate the images during the printing process. I learned all about darkroom safety and the chemical processes involved in developing film and making prints. I made several prints in class that I was able to keep and share with my family. I also learned about toning and spotting to make final edits to my prints.

Being in the field with Mat learning the zone system and being in the darkroom developing film and making prints was a real joy. Mat has an amiable personality and brings a rare and contagious sense of excitement to the learning process. I feel fortunate to have completed these classes with Mat and I’m looking forward to Darkroom 201!"

- Rob C., One-on-One Student

“I met Mat Marrash at the Film Photography Project Walking Workshop in Findlay, Ohio this past April and immediately recognized his passion both as a film photographer and as a person who loved working in the traditional darkroom.  I have been a photographer for the better part of my 46 years here on the Earth, but never had the opportunity to work in the darkroom.  When I was looking at Mat’s website, I learned that he did one-on-one darkroom workshops so I e-mailed him to find out what I had to do to schedule with him.  As a recent convert to 4x5 large format film photography, I knew Mat was the guy to show me the ropes.

During the workshop Mat showed me how to process 4x5 black and white film, evaluate my negatives, make contact prints, determine which contrast filters I needed to use (and when not to use them) and actually made a couple of prints for me to take home!  We also discussed various types of films and developers and touched a little bit on how to use my new 4x5 camera.  It was a very full 5 hours!

I would highly recommend Mat’s workshop to anyone who wants to get their feet wet (pun intended) in the traditional darkroom.  He is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher who has a genuine love for the medium and a desire to help others become better photographers and printers.  I’m sure this will not be the last time we work together!  Thanks Mat!”

-Jeff P., One-on-One Student