The blog of Mat Marrash, large format film photographer located in Columbus, Ohio.

Ladd Natural Bridge

Rolling hills and large geologic features aren't the first things that come to mind when thinking of Ohio. As someone that's spent most of his life in the state, the first word that I jump to is "flat". Today's state nature preserve (SNP) is anything but flat. Located deep in Washington county of SE Ohio, Ladd Natural Bridge is fairly recent addition to the Department of Natural Areas and Preserves. Prior to its donation to the state, this preserve was a paid attraction maintained by the Ladd family. Skip ahead almost thirty two years (whoa, I think we're the same age?!) and this natural arch is a prime example of Ohio Uninterrupted

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Nature photography is a term many photographers use to describe their work, but can include wildly different subject matter. "Nature" can mean wildlife, snapshots from the zoo, underwater photography, macro/micro subject matter, and more. Personally, my style of nature photography over the years can be best described as my photography professor put it. "Frickin' trees!" professor Jeff used to say, "Why are you shooting so many darn pictures of frickin' trees?!" 

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