Kessler Swamp


Taking a look at the map of every State Nature Preserve in Ohio, it's hard to decide where to go first. Given my affinity for regions of Southern Ohio, namely Hocking Hills, starting on familiar turf felt like the right choice. 

Kessler Swamp is only a hop, skip, and jump from some of the many other spectacular sights in Hocking County. On a late Spring morning, any temperature shift over 20F with mild humidity will result in a nice patch of fog that adds a quiet moodiness to the landscape. Fog was the perfect addition to this swamp scene, forcing me to slow down and make sense of the emerging forms in the early morning light. The above image was made a few minutes after sunrise, with extra emphasis placed on the haze using a #47 blue filter. Two years ago when I was studying under Alan Ross, he gave me a short list of some B&W filters I should consider adding to my kit, and during this new project the blue filter has become a favorite. Thanks Alan! 

Each location I've visited along my journey through Ohio's State Nature Preserves will receive it's own dedicated blog post. Check them all out by clicking the category tag, Ohio Uninterrupted