Nature photography is a term many photographers use to describe their work, but can include wildly different subject matter. "Nature" can mean wildlife, snapshots from the zoo, underwater photography, macro/micro subject matter, and more. Personally, my style of nature photography over the years can be best described as my photography professor put it. "Frickin' trees!" professor Jeff used to say, "Why are you shooting so many darn pictures of frickin' trees?!" 


Not all nature preserves in Ohio have "frickin' trees" worthy trees, but there's plenty of other neat natural features to see. Rockbridge, one of Ohio's dozen accessible natural bridges, is one incredibly cool rock formation to visit. Located right of state route 33 on the way South towards the Hocking Hills region, Rockbridge has very easy to access hiking trails and takes a good couple of hours to fully explore. There is a little water falling at various parts of the bridge (especially after 2-3 days of continuous rain), but it's all about that large 50' span of rock. Wide angle and ultra-wide angle lenses are strongly encouraged to let everything into view, combined with a trusty tripod to allow the water to get a little flow to it (long exposure). 

In the absence of interesting trees, I'll gladly trade for some awesome rock and all the neat triangles it adds to the composition! 

If you'd like to check out any of these fantastic State Nature Preserves (SNP's) for yourself, remember most of them are free to visit, and usually only an email away from getting permission. Check out more of the Ohio Uninterrupted series by following the tags in this blog post, and see you next time!