Midwest Photo Exchange Festival of Film!

The more I see of the retail photographic world, the more I realize that there's a larger world out there that has little/no exposure to film photography. So when the opportunity arises to introduce photographers to a new medium, especially film, I jump on it! Yesterday at the Midwest Photo Exchange Learning Studio, I had a class of eight eager photographers of all ages learning about film. Attendees had the chance to put their hands on some cool cameras and film, shoot Impossible Project 8x10" instant B&W version 2.0 film, and even take away some cool film cameras as prizes. 

The next cool event that's happening at Midwest Photo Exchange is coming up on July 8th, and is part of the Impossible Project's 2015 Summer Tour. Be sure to stop by and see us, shoot some instant film, and have fun! 

Until next time folks...