8x10 in an Instant

While it might not be apparent from perusing this blog, I LOVE instant film! My apartment is filled with decorative instant images, and shoe box after shoe box of images waiting for their chance to be displayed.  I don't discriminate which films I use either. Expired and fresh, Polaroid and Impossible Project film, if it produces an instant print, it's all good to me. So naturally, when the chance arises to shoot some instant film, especially with other photographers, I'm on it!

Just over a week ago, I was offered just such an opportunity. The Impossible Silver Shade Summer Tour not only came to Columbus, but was parking just outside of my favorite camera store, Midwest Photo Exchange! Queue the 8x10 instant fun!

All images shot on Impossible PQ 8x10" instant film with a Tachihara 8x10 + Schneider 360mm f/6.8, processed with Calumet hand-crank processor. BIG thanks to the guys from Impossible and the MPEX staffers that allowed me to have some fun on High St. with the 8x10! :D