A Carbon Journal, Just Because

Day 1: Preparing Tissue

Despite my better judgement, I decide today is a fine day to make tissues for carbon transfer. After 1.5 years at this merciless process, I come crawling back for another attempt at metal-free perfection.

4:22PM - After arriving at the darkroom, I hastily mix together 50g gelatin with 500ml water, so that the gelatin may adequately "bloom".

5:15PM - Now that the gelatin has set, I melt it in a 120 degree (F) water bath and stir in 25g sugar, 12.5ml India Ink, 10ml isopropyl alcohol, and 1ml glycerin. The now pigmented "glop" is filtered into a container in the same water bath for "gassing out".

7:08PM - In the meantime, I manage to eat dinner, clean darkroom, complete 4 new levels of Angry Birds, and even make some 8x10 silver gelatin contact prints. Carbon transfer printing comes in a close 2nd to bromoil printing for "Most Downtime in a Photographic Process".

7:20PM - Fixed out pieces of 10x12" x-ray film are placed in warm water bath, then squeegeed to plate glass on a level surface. 100ml of warm "glop" is then poured onto film surface, spread even by hand. Process is repeated four more times for a total of five carbon "tissues".

8:13PM - Carbon tissues, now set, are hanged to dry in dust-free cabinet for 24-36 hours.

Sensitization starts tomorrow at the earliest, and these are just for test strips folks! x__X