End of Season Sale: Barbershop Prints!

 Hey folks! Hope the increasingly nice weather has been making its way around, because it seems to have been here in Findlay, OH for quite some time. :)

 As Spring 2012 comes to a close, the final bit of spring cleaning is about to go with it. For a limited time, I'm offerring the remaining half of my solo exhibition "Dapper". The show was a great success, and the matted, mounted prints that are here need to get onto some wallspace ASAP. If you've been waiting for the chance to snag up a print from my Barbershops Series, there's no better chance than now!

Simply check the listing below for size availability, select your desired print, and buy it now. Prints are all hand-printed, B&W silver gelatin fiber prints, selenium toned, matted, and mounted, ready to hang. They are also one-ofs, so once each print is sold, there won't be another of that print at this price. 

Thanks for stopping by, and long live film! :)

8x10" Prints

Service Barbershop, Swanson's Redux, Varsity Barbers, Alvino's Barbershop, B.G. Barbershop, Larry's Barbershop, Ace Barbershop, Park Barberstyle, Olde Thyme Barbershop, Main-Bexley Barber, Nick's Barbershop, and Trenton Ave. Barbershop.

11x14" Prints

South Lyon Barbershop, Mike's Barbershop, Anthony Wayne Barbershop, Clipper Barbershop, and New-Retro Barbershop.

16x20" Prints

Barbershop Matted Mounted Prints