B&W Darkroom Q&A: Video Edition!

Today's YouTube upload is a bit different from my brief "B&W Darkroom" series of how to videos. This time around, the inspiration for the vid comes from FPP listener and YouTube channel viewer Kris Pearson:

Hi Mat,

Thanks for returning my comment/question about drying fiber paper.

You and FPP have both been a huge factor in getting me back into film.  I took film photography in high school and college during the 80's but got back into film a year ago with a Konica Auto S2.  From there I added a Mamiya 645  system with an assortment of lenses which has become my primary camera.  Your Youtube video on E6 processing encouraged me to try developing slide film at home.  The results have been great.  Now I'm also developing black and white negatives and printing in a bathroom/darkroom with a Beseler 23c that I got off of Craigslist for FREE!!!.  I has a ZoneVI cold light too! I look forward to spending a lot of time this summer improving my skills in the darkroom.

I am currently printing with resin coated paper.  Eventually I would like to try printing with fiber paper but I've read that drying fiber papers can be problematic and the process may cause the paper to wrinkle or crease if not done correctly.  What method do you recommend?  I don't have a heat press but I may try to find one on the 'Bay if having one is the best/easiest way to go.  Are there alternatives?  I read somewhere that taping the print down on a flat surface as it dries is one way to do it.

Congratulations on your recent shows.  Your work is a pleasure to look at.

Kris Pearson 
Accord, NY

Well Kris, not only do I have an answer for you, here's a complete How-To!