Film Photography Podcast, NYC 2012 Meetup

Man how time flies when you're out on the road attending meetup after meetup!

FPP Meetup group posing in front of Lomography NYC for an 8x10 group shot. Image by FPP Host/Founder Michael Raso.

Just a quick update for everybody out there, last weekend was the Film Photography Podcast NYC Meetup 2012 edition. The day was headed up by FPP contributor Dan Domme, site designer Michael Calleia and his lovely wife Erica. There were plenty of folks in attendance, and we had a glorious, sunshine-filled afternoon with which to visit Lomography NYC, Washington Square Park, Chinatown, and finally The Impossible Project NYC space. Check out the full episode BONUS FPP episode below (complete with videos, show notes, and more!).

But that's not all, folks! Meetup season is just getting into full swing, be sure to check out the FPP Main Site for meetup details and updates.