Darkroom Workshops, Summer 2012

It's been one heck of a spring so far here in Findlay, OH, and even after several photo contests and a solo exhibition, the darkroom is only getting warmed up!

If you're looking to add a few new darkroom skills to the arsenal, or are just looking for some experienced darkroom coaching, be sure to check out my latest series of Summer 2012 Darkrom Workshops. As of right now, I'm offerring:

 All workshops include use of the darkoom facilities, chemistry, supplies, paper, everything you need to carry out the processes I'm teaching. In the case of the all weekend carbon printing workshop, I'm even including lunch at a great local restaurant!

That's pretty much it, get out there and shoot while the weather is great, and once the "Dog Days" of summer start rolling around, have your calendars marked, film exposed, and head on down to Findlay so we can have some fun in the darkroom (see below).

Happy shooting, and long live film!