Shooting in B&W VS. Color: Where Do You Stand?

Saw a great YouTube video earlier this morning, and it sparked the following opinions on shooting B&W vs. Color. Give it a listen

For those unable to listen, above, I discuss my opinions on shooting B&W vs. Color, what both mean to my photography, and where I currently stand shooting B&W and Color in my project-heavy 8x10 work.

Also, here are some links to the strong color work I was referencing in the conversation:

Annie Leibovitz

Alec Soth

Andrew Moore

Right below is the video that started this whole conversation. Be sure to check it out too!

That's about it today, where do you guys stand on shooting B&W vs Color? Is one easier to shoot than the other? Which do you prefer?

Please, please, please, leave plenty of comments below so this conversation continues. The more we all think deeper about photography, the better we get!