Another Summer of Film, Another Project!

Hello all you film shooters out there. It's only been a little over a month since The 52 Project ended, and boy did it ever end with a bang! There was a Film Photography Podcast Midwest Meetup AND a gallery show at The University of Findlay Lea Gallery. There were some great folks, lots of film, and a whole mess of fun.

And just so everyone out there can feel the love, here's a look into the FPP Midwest Meetup:

We followed-up this awesome afternoon with a Gallery Show:


 Tough act to follow, right? Well, a little extra thinking lead me to yet another project. Here goes...

The One-A-Day Project

  1. One 8x10 picture taken each day.
  2. Any subject, any time, any place.
  3. Same film, Ilford HP5+
  4. Same developer, Pyrocat HD 1:1:100
  5. Same paper, Ilford MG IV Fiber 8x10
  6. Same paper developer, Dektol 1:2

The basic idea of this project is to get me to shoot the 8x10 regularly, comfortably, and in every conceivable situation. And at the end of each week, I'll head up to the darkroom, develop, and print what I've taken for the week. Pretty easy, right? ;)

Week 1 is already in the can, post coming soon, so stay tuned!

-Keep on shooting film!