Now Selling Prints!

Washing a fiber print in the Univeristy of Findlay darkroom. Photo by Dan Domme, 2011.Keeping the new features coming (the best still to come!), I'm now offering fine art B&W, alternative process, and color prints of any work you see here in the Gallery or my Flickr account.

All B&W and alternative process prints are hand printed by me in the darkroom, while color prints are digital c-prints professionally managed by one of the top remaining labs in the U.S. Standard B&W enlarged prints are all made on double-weight, fiber-based paper, hand spotted, and selenium toned to provide the most archivally stable, brilliantly toned images possible. Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown prints are made on 250lb. hot pressed, smooth watercolor papers, they'll be around for a long while. ;) Carbon prints have almost as much archival stability as platinum/palladium prints, and as a bonus have very noticeable relief to them!

As one additional offer, I'm creating a limited edition portfolio for my body of work in 2011. Portfolios will ship in their own 11x14" black leatherette, museum quality storage box, and will contain 10, 8x10" images all hand printed, spotted, toned, signed, and matted 11x14", ready for showing. The silver gelatin printed edition will be limited to 9, while the very special carbon transfer portfolio will be one-of-a-kind, much like the carbon prints themselves.

That's pretty much it, folks. If you're interested in getting some fine art prints, head on over to the Prints section of the website for more information. Prints can quickly and conveniently be purchased directly through the website, via Paypal, or you can email me for more options. Thanks and continue to have Happy Holidays!