The 52 Project, Weeks 8&9: Playing with Pets

To be perfectly up-front and honest, this week's 52 Project doesn't offer any originality, unique-ness in shooting style, or variety of subject. If you're looking for a photographer that will bring nothing but groundbreaking, original work to his/her blog posts week after week, chances are that you've hit the wrong link. What this week's post does provide, however, is a series of photos surrounding a subject that I inadvertently tend to shoot  a lot of, pets. I could name five photographer buddies right now that would "poo poo" the idea of shooting everyday animals. I mean, sure it looks amateur, but for a good reason. Amateurs are still out there doing what they love, for free! Shooting pets is my way of coping with people that won't smile, agree, or pay their photography bill on time; and it also works wonders for finding a new perspective.

Anyway, lets have some fun, look at some medium format frames of pets, and be sure to comment on ones you love/think are silly/would like to see more of.



Scan 1: Portrait of a ChickenA regal rooster, some fine fowl...


My immediate impression of this rooster was "smug". He's proud, cocky (pun intended), and king of the coop, too bad he's only about half the size of all the other chickens. That comb of his is sharp, and I don't mean in the aesthetically pleasing way either; just click it to get a full size, this sucker is sharp!





Rugged and worn, this cat has had a hard life.


Scan 2: Sleepy Barn Cat


This sickly little guy and his scruffy face just wouldn't leave me alone. I saw the barn door/window light coming in, and this image instantly clicked in my head. If this cat were human, I'm most certain I'd find him in Central Park snuggled up with some newspaper in a cardboard cabin.




 "Hey Gary, I'm thinking about getting a dish..."Scan 3: Ducks' Conversation


There are two reasons human beings keep other animals around. The first is for consumption, we're hungry and most of us believe that literally every other organism is below us on the food chain. The second reason, however, is that we look for the small, glaring bits of human nature within other animals. Some people can really project this feeling, crazy cat ladies, and others merely find entertaining pieces of humanity, Lolcats. I believe I'm treading the fine line in pointing out that these two ducks appear to be having a discussion, probably cable vs. satellite.




Bob really needs to get a Brita filter.Scan 4: Bob Drinking from the Sink


This old indoor/outdoor barn-cat doesn't have much of a playful disposition or face, for that matter, but he does have an unusually high curiosity for dripping water in the sink. Being the devil's advocate I am, I went ahead and turned the faucet on just enough to make any environmentalist burst into tears. But the adorable lapping of said wastewater makes it ok, right?




She's this happy to see everyone, no joke.Scan 5: Maizey, the Happy German Shepherd


You will be hard-pressed to find any German Shepherd as inbred and as happy as my dad's dog, Maizey.  She was originally intended to be a guard dog, but she proved too friendly and now spends her days running about a three acre yard.




Wow, she actually looks kinda cute. Scan 6: Mitzi at the Window


Ah window light, you seem to compliment the Hasselblad so well. This gorgeous light even has the power to make this neurotic, sheds as a defense mechanism siamese cat look cute and contemplative.


Something Good: These two weeks were a joy to shoot. I was just having fun, composing on the fly, and spending literally no time post-processing these images. Heck, most of the images came out incredibly sharp.

Something Bad: Despite my warning at the beginning of this post, I'm bound to get flamed by my photography buddies. It happens, and I'll simply take my lumps.

Something Learned: Almost all of this post's work was done from a crouched or prone perspective. I've felt that my viewing angle has lately been confined to the position of +/- one foot from my chest. I think this has changed and will continue throughout the duration of The 52 Project.

Next Week: Some VERY interesting, different, and fun work courtesy of a NYC based photographer, Abish. Definitely stay tuned for this one.