The 52 Project, Week 2

Here it is, week 2, and so far The 52 Project shows no signs of stopping (especially since I'm already shooting and processing weeks 3-5). This week I made the switch back to color film, Kodak Portra 400NC, and I must say it's already becoming an old friend. The shots I've chosen for this week vary quite a bit, and each bring their own unique aspects to the table. Without further adieu, here's my picks:


When you've got a beard this big, sausages sell themselves!


Scan 1: Kimmel's Mountain Man Meats

This fine specimen of a "man's man" is a Findlay local and proprietor of Kimmel's Mountain Man Meats. The beard is striking, and looks even better than when not tied up in a hair net. At first, it looked like a giant fake beard, but when I realized it was the real deal I asked him to let it all hang loose for the shot. And this guy was all about it, he combed and waxed it just for this portrait. I think I'm going to have to start a photo series on awesome/unique hair.



Simple compositions are fun every once and a while.

Scan 2: Vivid Vases at Val's

On a gloomy Saturday afternoon, I was looking for something, anything to shoot. Walking through the living room of another Findlay area artist, Val Escobedo, I was struck by the extremely calm atmosphere created. I did my best to capture the feeling I had once I walked in the door, simple and relaxed.



Looks like they're not taking their basement with them.



 Scan 3: Leftovers of the Hammond House

On the same day as a deadly wave of tornados passed through Wood County, OH, I was on assignment for a local couple needing coverage of an Ohio Historical Site while it was being moved across Findlay to the Hancock County Historical Society. Quite heavy burden as the 1850's house was cut into four large pieces, loaded up, and shipped along the main streets in Findlay, OH. This is what was left of the original site, a messy, empty, foundation.



Sleeping ktities make the all manual action of the 'Blad that much easier.

Scan 4: Kay Kitten Sleeps Again

I simply couldn't help myself. About 10 minutes after last week's capture, I had to see what she'd look like on color film.  Just look at her, she's adorable no matter how technically flawed the photo may be.


Something good: Quite a few keepers this week, with a lot of varying subjects and styles. The color processing was handled by a pro lab, Miller's Professional, aka Mpix on the consumer end. They did a great job, and have awesome specials with rush processing and same day shipping.

Something bad: The color off-camera shots I tried just didn't feel right upon looking at them. Technically, they were alright. A little bit of flair, but colors that screamed "gel your flashes to match the ambient!". Also, scan 4 really doesn't have focus on the intended subject, although that is one sharp couch.

Something learned: Most all of Kodak films have great exposure latitude, as demonstrated by the wide variety of shots displayed this week. Portra NC films, however, are very, very picky about lighting situations, and fair much better in natural light than any other lighting situation. I'll have to practice more with artificial and mixed lighting with this film.

Next week:  I'm trying to broaden my film horizons a little more, and will be experimenting with Kodak Tri-X (B&W), and Fuji Pro high speed color films as soon as I'm done hunting down the USPS man that still hasn't delivered it to me. >__<