The 52 Project, Week 1

Since this is the inaugural edition of The 52 Project, let's cover some of the ground rules for how these posts will (hopefully) be laid out. Firstly, we'll have story time. I'll discuss what I shot, how I shot it, and maybe even have a fun story in there. Next, we'll look at what I chose to scan, and why (sometimes I may choose non-keepers). Following the images I'll have a quick review section, giving a quick rundown of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the scans shown. And finally, I'll include a little bit about what I'd like to do better/differently in the next week of shooting (this is a learning process, after all).

Having shot my way through six rolls of color 120 film, this first roll of black and white is actually my 7th ever. I'm slightly more confident when shooting, but still playing it safe, using a predictable combination of 400 speed film and metering with the built-in Kiev 88 meter. I'm fascinated that this meter is 10 years older than me but still somehow works; and very accurately at that! Well, enough beating around the bush, let's get to the shots!

Kay doing what kittens do best!



Scan 1: Kay Kitten Sleeping

Not much to say here: I love cats, blog readers have asked for more blog posts about kittens, and compositions with lots of hidden triangles are fun. Besides, with a kitten this cute, my buddy Berb needs to share this adorable kitten with the rest of the world.



House found on Sandusky Street, Findlay, OH

Scan 2: Cool House in Findlay Ohio

I usually don't like architecture of any kind, but this house was more about the creepy feeling I got while walking past. The very contrasty colors on the front of the house really make it pop.



That's not scanner dust, just a visibly dirty wall :p




Scan 3: B&W 6x6 Self Portrait

While winding last week's roll of film down, I suddenly had the inspiration to break out the unused pc sync cords in my lighting bag and see if they could trigger my wireless, off-camera strobes. "Son of a bitch, they do!" This was more a test than anything else, and had I not clipped off my toe at the very bottom of the frame, I'd probably like this image even more.


Something good: Got a lot of good shots this week, uploaded 5 keepers to Flickr (you're seeing 3 of them). All exposures were either spot on or slightly underexposed (good for enlarging and scanning). This is a very good thing considering it was my first ever hand-processed roll in the darkroom.

Something bad: Having been the first ever hand-processed roll in the darkroom, I was bound to mess up. My last frame had two lines streaked over it from touching part of the unused film on the plastic reel. Oh well, 11 out of 12 good exposures is still better than my digital record ever was.

Something learned: This week really gave me a respect for the darkroom process, and the look of black and white film, which too often is badly emulated in digital. Hopefully throughout this project, this interest in black and white will blossom into something more.

Next week:  I'll be getting back to Kodak color films with some more Portra 400NC. Granted the black and white off-camera lighting results, I'd really like to try it out in color and see how it looks. I'm still building up a library of film, but would like to try just about everything I can to learn as much as I can. If anybody has some suggestions for film, processing, etc. please leave a comment and I'll be sure to get to it.