The 52 Project: Rules Revisited...Again

If you know this reference, I <3 you!So, now that the cat is out of the bag (and by cat I mean mountain lion), let’s examine how adding an even older, large format camera to mix effects The 52 Project as a whole. First, let’s go over the founding purposes of this project:

  1. Getting out and shooting film - I’m still doing this, just slower and with larger film
  2. Trying out new films - Ditto
  3. Posting my findings and progress - completely unchanged by format change

On the whole, nothing Earth-shattering will come of posting one or two 8x10 shots per week instead of posting a few more shots from a roll of film; besides, it’s not like the Hasselbald is dead, I still use it a whole helluva lot. Now let’s think about what adding large format to The 52 Project can provide:

  1. More discussions on cameras - there’s much to learn with view cameras
  2. New work-flow - there’s also more that needs to be done to ensure an image shows up
  3. The Zone System - we’ll talk when you’re older :p

So let’s review, adding the 8x10 not only preserves the integrity of The 52 Project, but it also broadens the spectrum of material that can be incorporated into this year-long study. Sweet for the readers, most-assuredly death for me. X___x

Something Good:
The readers will be getting more content while I play around with new toys.

Something Bad: I can’t afford a bit of this 8x10 business. Oh, and film is nearly $6/sheet.

Something Learned: Routines must not be my thing. I’m always redrawing the rules and letting them evolve with my new photography exploits. For those of you who embrace this change, thank you, you won’t be disappointed.