The 52 Project, Weeks 17 & 18: Odds & Ends

Little explanation needed here. Ever since the beginning of summer when I started cranking through roll after roll of film, this set of photos has been slowly building up. I’ll do my best to explain them as I go.


I wonder how the meter-man read these?



Scan 1: Urban Decay

I love the juxstaposition between man-made and nature, and how natue almost always seems to overcome and take back what we've taken from it.




Posing is easy when they're passed out.  

Scan 2: Lazy Exchange Student

In this Japanese girl's defense, the KAKE trip is a very tiring month long exchange program which has you running place to place about twelve hours per day. I know, I went on the opposite version of the trip.




Film + Heat + Time = Old Look 


Scan 3: Hancock County Fair 2010

No, this picture wasn't taken before I was born, but now I know how to get expired film to shoot like this. ^__^




The Aflac duck is very, very jealous. 


Scan 4: County Fair Duck

Just check out that killer "hairdo". This duck is awesome, period.




Corgis get pageviews, enough said. 


Scan 5: Corgi and Boy Closeup

While making a trip on Cleveland along I80/90, the Exit 135 rest stop had a surprise in store for me, and adorable fluffy corgi! Now EVERY time I see a corgi, I must have their picture.




Yeah, she's just a little patriotic. 


Scan 6: Lauren and Mom with Quilt

My mother is a crazy quilting lady. Since I was born, my mom has made over 175 quilts and continues week in and week out to churn out even more quilts. She's on track to break 200 before Xmas 2010.




Usually he runs and hides from the camera. 


Scan 7: Reluctant Coy

Probably the best shot I'll end up with of my own father, Coy, the hardass farmer. In other news, Fuji Pro400H plus barndoor/window light is always a winning combination. See Weeks 4&5. ^__^




Something Good: There was a whole lot more than two rolls of film to choose from for this segment

Something Bad: I can’t use leftover shots as an excuse anymore during the project.

Something Learned: That stray frame from every set/roll/shoot may come in handy some day. And since it’s not like there’s a million of them, *cough* digital *cough*, feel to keep these stray frames around.

Next Week: A BIG upgrade.