The 52 Project, Week 16: The National Dachshund Races, No Seriously

Okay, it’s story time. Three years ago, I was informed through the majesty of the Internet that each year Findlay, OH hosts the National Dachshund Races. \_o__0_/ WHAT?! I can’t make something this awesome up:

Naturally, I’ve made yearly attendance to this ridiculous race something of high holiday priority.


Cute in the name of justice.

Scan 1: Cops and Robbers

Yes, it is wrong to put animals in any sort of costume, but I couldn't help myself. In my three years of coming to this event, this was the first year they held a costume contest. You can't fight this level of cute!


This guy finished the contest with 2nd.


Scan 2: Tractor Dachshund

This little guy has lost the function of his back two legs, but not the ability to make everyone around him go "Aww". ^__^


Even her owner is saying "Aww".




Scan 3: Adorable Dachshund

This was just one of many dachsies that was too adorable for words at this event. The eyes really draw you into the frame; too bad he's centered... >__<


A touching family moment. ^__^



Scan 4: Old Folks and Their Dachshund

These guys LOVE their dachshund, and were elated to hear that I wanted to take his picture with "Such a nice film camera." Only thing better than dachsies are pet owners who are appreciative of film.


He needs to be followed by a tuba.


Scan 5: Dudley the Massive Dachshund

This standard dachshund is huge, weighing in at a whopping 46lbs.! Click the photo to goto his Flickr description, detailing all the awards he cleaned up. >__>

Something Good: I couldn’t put the Hasselblad down. Pending better preparation, I would have brought more film. >__<

Something Bad: These little dogs move fast, and my hands are no Canon 1D Mark IV. Oh yeah, and keeping the ASA high was also a key. All the black and white was pushed 1/2 a stop with slightly less agitation in an attempt to pull a bit more shadow detail out.

Something Learned: Standard dachshunds are horrifyingly huge when compared to miniature dachshunds, and even golden retrievers. Dudley and his massive-ness managed to make my day.

Next Week: All the other “crap” that didn’t make it into one cohesive theme. There’s so much of it that it spans two whole weeks and about six rolls of assorted expired film.