The 52 Project, Week 15: Elegant, Electric, Ektar 100

 Like stated last week, this week is all about color, and boy is there ever color!

Released in 2009, Kodak Ektar 100 film was introduced with the promise of being the world’s sharpest 100 ASA color negative film. Though it seems like a pretty tall claim, as of 2010, there really aren’t that many color negative films that are new to the market. Some more information can be found on Kodak Ektar 100 here:

Kodak Ektar Data Sheet

Stockholmviews Review

Roger and Frances Review

Kodak Ektar Flickr Pool


My $.02, Ektar is vibrant, saturated, and sharp as hell! Let’s cut to the samples.

Color gives this game a very cool feel.


Scan 1: Riverside Park Shuffleboard

Yep, I'm using a subject from last week into this week's post. These old folks were also my first test for Kodak Ektar. They also gave me a chance to explore how it handles incredibly bright back-lighting. 


Nah nah na nah nah!



Scan 2: Scottie Puppy Tongue

Just on my way out of the park after finishing my B&W roll of Tri-X, I came across this adorable Scottie puppy. He was quite excitable and happy to see the camera so close and down on his level.



Their hotdogs are as cool as their stand.


 Scan 3: Jim's Hotdogs at BalloonFest

 Previously the owner of the Findlay famous Jim's Gym, Jim the fitness guru has now forayed into the world of hotdog vending. You should check them out if you get a chance.

Jim's Hotdogs on Facebook



For some reason she thinks I'm photogenic.


 Scan 4: Lauren Bagley with Pentax K1000

 Thanks to a Photography 101 class and a lot of bad influence from me, Lauren has become a fellow film nut. Heck, she even just won a copy of Pat Sansone's "100 Polaroids" from the awesome guys at The Film Photography Podcast. Oh yeah, they also gave her a Polaroid camera loaded with Impossible Project Film. Yeah, I'm a bit jealous.

Something Good: Got daylight? Got something that needs to “pop”? Ektar 100 is your go-to!

Something Bad: Not bad so much as a coping point, but this fantastically sharp film needs to be made in a faster version. ASA 100 has a lot of uses, but not nearly as many as say 400. :p

Something Learned:
Ektar 100 is interestingly pleasing on skin tones. It has a similar skin tonality of Portra NC with a magenta “kick” while maintaining beautiful yet controlled saturation of pretty much everything else.

Next Week:
This blog will be featuring an absurd amount of wieners, that is all. ^_^