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Rocky Fork Gorge - Miller Nature Sanctuary

Over the course of Ohio Uninterrupted, I've talked about many of the physical features that make Ohio's state nature preserves  Flowing waterfalls, dynamic rock formations, and exotic plants are all things that come to mind. What I experienced during my visit to Rocky Fork Gorge was a little less objective; there was a sense of wonder present. From the parking lot to the winding trails and back, this little slice of Appalachia had me in awe.  

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Lake Katharine

Not all state nature preserves are created equal. Some are as small as a few dozen acres from a private donor, while others span thousands of acres! While this doesn't deter me from attempting to visit and document them all, I like to think of larger preserves like headliners at a concert. Today's SNP is one of the bigger protected lands on the list and easily a favorite of the Ohio Uninterrupted series. 

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Ladd Natural Bridge

Rolling hills and large geologic features aren't the first things that come to mind when thinking of Ohio. As someone that's spent most of his life in the state, the first word that I jump to is "flat". Today's state nature preserve (SNP) is anything but flat. Located deep in Washington county of SE Ohio, Ladd Natural Bridge is fairly recent addition to the Department of Natural Areas and Preserves. Prior to its donation to the state, this preserve was a paid attraction maintained by the Ladd family. Skip ahead almost thirty two years (whoa, I think we're the same age?!) and this natural arch is a prime example of Ohio Uninterrupted

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